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Over the next few months we hope to feature each of our Irish partners.  We are pleased feature our oldest partner to start us off - BORU Jewelry.

Boru’s heritage goes back to the early Eighties when they began by creating Heraldic Coat of Arms Rings and Pendants. Since then they have amassed a massive database of Family Names over the years covering Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, English, Spanish, Germany surnames and much more.
Interestingly, it is believed that Boru was the first designer and manufacturer to put a traditional Claddagh pattern onto a wedding band (WED1 and WED2). Many variations have been produced since, but this original still is very popular.

Mens Wedding Band WED2

Another original was the Soul Mate “Mo Anam Cara” promise ring. This was first produced in the later 90’s and is still one of Boru’s most popular designs. Sadly, many inferior copies have been made, but we still produce the original (and the best!).

Ladies Wedding Band WED183

Some of Boru’s favourite designs are the Faith Collection, Celtic Warrior Collection and the New York Claddagh Range.

The Faith Collection is a fairly new range for Boru and already is doing exceptionally well. It was conceived and designed by Creative Director of Boru, Paul O’Neill. Taking some cherished Irish symbols, these were incorporated into a contemporary styled band with the old Celtic Alphabet script – Ogham, which can be worn as a Wedding Band or as an expression of your style and heritage.

Claddagh Wedding Ring UG-BR11

The Celtic Warrior Collection has evolved over the years and is synonymous with Boru Jewelry and their design ethos. Based on the Ardagh Chalice, which can be viewed in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, these designs are of high quality and finish.

The New York Claddagh by Boru was inspired by the Chrysler building in Manhattan. Boru have a vast collection of traditional and contemporary Claddagh rings but wanted to incorporate a taste of America into their latest design. The crown of the New York Claddagh was inspired by the top section of the Chrysler building. Incorporated into some various styles, this range is proving another success for the Boru brand.

Ladies Silver Claddagh Ring With 10K Gold Heart LS-BCLAD106-Mix

Boru continue to work designing to produce high quality pieces of Jewelry. “It gives us nothing but pride and pleasure to see the reaction when a person receives their custom specially made piece of Jewelry”, says Lisa O’ Neill, CEO of Boru Jewelry.

Interesting facts from Boru.
1. They once produced a fully functioning crown for a King in Gold and adorned with Diamonds and semi-precious stones!

2. The main principles of the company are Husband and Wife, Paul (Creative ) & Lisa (CEO) O’Neill. It is a small family run company.

3. They are the original creators of a number of very popular Irish/Celtic designed Jewelry collections, including the Mo Anam Cara, Celtic Warrior Collection and Claddagh Wedding Bands.

4. They have a total of over 60 years combined experience in jewellery design and manufacturing.

5. The have won multiple awards for Jewelry design and service within the North American Trade Association.

6. They design and produce all their products in their premises in Dublin, Ireland. Customers are always welcome to drop in and see the whole process….some have and even sat at the workbench and helped set a stone in their own Claddagh Ring!

7. All Boru’s designs are originals, never copies of others. They pride themselves in innovation and strive to produce pieces that will be cherished and appreciated through generations…

Now is a great time to add a timeless piece of jewelry created by Boru to your collection.  Get 10% off all Boru products from our website:

Make sure to use the coupon code BORU10 at checkout to take advantage of this great discount.


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Irish-American Heritage Month/St.Paddy’s Craic!

Happy Irish-American Heritage Month! Wait… What?!  Since 1991, during President Bush’s (senior) term, the U.S. Congress issued a proclamation, in order to coincide with the Irish national holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day, signifying “…March 1991 as “Irish-American Heritage Month” and has authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this occasion.”[1] Every year since then, each President of the United States has asked their fellow Americans to join in the festivities of Saint Patrick’s Day and to learn more of the Irish heritage in America.

Brilliant London Blue Topaz Claddagh Ring

The Irish are an important part of American history and heritage. A few of the President’s are of Irish decent, the most well known being President Kennedy. There is also the fact that many of the railroads were built not only by the Chinese, but also had many Irish bridging the western frontier to the elegance of the east coast. How though could I over look the fact that the U.S. was the first to hold a Saint Paddy’s Day Parade?! Not only in one city, but TWO! That’s right, Boston and New York City both claim to have held the first parade. Then there is the well known Chicago style celebration, dying the Chicago River Green, a secret that has not been shared with any other city in the world.

Silver Shamrock Pendant LS-SP1090

As a quick shout out to our family here in Fort Collins, the Colorado State Marching Band will be attending the 2013 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland this year! Certainly not the first band from Fort Collins to represent, Fossil Ridge High School Marching Band in 2005 had great reviews!


So after all that, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day folks! (And do not forget to reset your clocks an hour ahead March 10th!)


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Spring has Sprung!

The air is thick with the smell of blooming flowers; frisky squirrels are chasing each other with wild abandon, and pasty winter skin is beginning to show the first glow of a summer tan. It’s Spring!

May birthdays celebrate with their perfectly appropriate grass green birth stone: the emerald. This stone has been revered for millennia from the Aztecs to Indian maharajahs because of its fascinating color. Reminiscent of the vivacity and lushness of nature, emerald green exudes joy and vibrancy.


And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is May 13th. This is a wonderful opportunity to show Mom you care, and make her feel beautiful. We have hundreds of rings, earrings, and necklaces to fit every taste. Whether she likes sweet and simple, or bright and flashy, a claddagh ring is an excellent way to share your love, friendship, and family loyalty with the woman who cares.


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Easter eggs and Celtic jewelry, who knew?

It’s Easter time again and the pastel eggs and bunnies are rampant. Christian and Pagan traditions intertwine at the vernal equinox to create this strange collection of customs. Named for the Saxon fertility goddess Eastre, Easter has been celebrated in some form for thousands of years. We celebrate spring with Celtic infinity knots and trinity knots for their rebirth and renewal symbolism.


Eggs and busy bunnies are also obvious symbols of new life and fertility that are attributed to the goddess and have worked their way into our modern traditions. The Easter egg hunt evolved from the Christian shunning of Pagan traditions. Brightly colored eggs were once given as gifts to children. When the practice was frowned upon by Christians, adults made a game of hiding the eggs for the children to find instead.

With all the fertility symbols floating around this time of year, it might be a good time to look at purity rings for the young teens in your life. Purity, or chastity, rings are used as a symbol and reminder of a persons’ vow of abstinence until marriage. Whether for religious or moral reasons, these jewelry pieces are powerful symbols. Rings, bracelets or necklaces can be used as well.

We have a few pieces in our stock that would make excellent purity jewelry, but also keep your eye out for a new website solely devoted to this precious gift!


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St. Patrick’s Shamrock Symbol

St Patrick’s Day is near! It’s time to dig a green shirt out of your closet, drink green beer, and stick shamrocks to every available surface. Where did these traditions come from, you may ask? St. Patrick, a real missionary that preached to thousands, had a profound impact on the history of Ireland and the population of Christians worldwide. We celebrate his life, and Irish heritage and tradition every year on the day of his death.

The shamrock played an important role in pagan and Celtic religions long before St. Patrick arrived in Ireland. The bright green color inspired thoughts of vitality, rebirth, and eternal life. Its three leaf shape corresponded with many three stage ideas: the elements; earth, wind and fire, the three stages of womanhood; maid, mother crone, and the life cycles of birth, death and rebirth are most common. Legend has it that St. Patrick plucked a shamrock from the field to illustrate the Christian belief in the holy trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Sound familiar? That is also the symbolism behind the recognizable Irish trinity knot. Both symbols are familiar reminders of the Holy Trinity, but also embody a rich Irish tradition. Celebrate this year with more than dyed beer, and sport a trinity of your own.



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Top 10 Rings of 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, we wanted to take a fond look back on your favorite rings. Many of these tried and true favorites continue to please year after year.

As voted by your purchases on, the top 10 rings of 2011 are:

1. SL-SL92 by a landslide. This classic claddagh design woos with its “Love, Loyalty, Friendship” engraving and simple, sturdy band.

2. LS-CLAD6 comes in close second with a daintier claddagh design.

3. LS-CLAD36 combines the claddagh with intricate Celtic knotting along the band.

4. LS-CLAD19 is a traditional claddagh with a twisted band for a little extra spunk..

5. LS-CLAD2H is another elegantly classic claddagh. You just can’t go wrong with this design.

6. SL-75GRCZ brings in green and clear cubic zirconium to make this claddagh outshine the competition.

7. MS-WED2 is the top selling mens ring; it’s sleek and sophisticated, especially with matching partner LS-WED1.

8. LS-3CL combines the classic claddagh design with the fun and intrigue of a puzzle ring.

9. SL90 designs personalize the claddagh to your loved one’s birth month in dazzling colors.


10) SMS-SG92 is SL92’s heavier, manlier counterpart, but with all the love and meaning still intact.

It’s clear to see why all these rings have faithful followers and continue to be worn by countless new customers. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

We have four exciting new designs that I think might sneak their way onto next year’s list:

The lovely SL-1, engraved like the SL92, but with a daintier band and face. I think this will be a big seller next year!

With it’s Celtic woven infinity band the SL-46 is sure to please.

The SL25 takes the claddagh ring to a whole new arena by creating a block of small claddaghs, while staying comfortable to wear with a simple band around the back.

The SL95 accentuates the claddagh heart with brilliant green and clear cubic zirconium, similar to our SL-75, making this a ring sure to catch your eye.

If you haven’t found your heart at yet, hopefully this list has given you an idea of all the wonderful designs we offer. And with Christmas around the corner, this little extra inspiration could make your holiday shopping quick and easy. Happy Holidays!

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Common Misspellings of Claddagh

We know you’ve been searching for the perfect ring to give your loved ones, if only spell check could figure out what you’re trying to say! Claddagh isn’t the easiest phonetically spelled word. Most commonly people leave letters out, like cladagh, claddah, or cladah, or add extras like clauddagh or cladaugh. Some get really creative by searching for clatter, cladder, clauda or claudia rings. However you decide to spell it, the claddagh ring can express your love for another, for your heritage, or for its traditional meaning.

Claddagh comes from the Irish phrase, “An Cladch” which means “flat stony shore.” It was the name of the village on the coast of Ireland where the claddagh design originated. The ‘gh’ ending is added for phonetic English speakers to create the guttural, phlegmy sound that doesn’t have a character in our language.


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July Birthstone – Ruby

The Ruby Red birthstone for July is a favorite of many.  While most people associate Rubies with a red color natural rubies tend to be more pink or rose in color.  This means one can enjoy a wide range of hues when choosing a ruby.

Here are the ruby pieces we offer.  You can see depending on the style and designer the color will vary.


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April 1st No Foolin’ Giveaway

On April 1st at 2pm EST we will hold our largest giveaway ever! We will have a drawing for a 14K GOLD 1/10 Carat Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring ASU2-10 Retail Price: $597.00. To enter just “like” this post on facebook.

Diamond CladdaghDiamond Claddagh RingFew points about the ring: You can choose the size 4 – 9, and the color 14K White ( or 14K Yellow ( gold. Made by a Master jeweler in the USA. Features a 1/10 CT CONFLICT FREE Heart Shaped Diamond. Made from Solid 14K Gold (you choose yellow or white) – Not filled or Plated!

What is Conflict Free? if you have seen the movie Blood Diamond you have a good idea what the issues concerning diamonds are.  We work with reputable diamond suppliers and can ensure all our Diamonds are conflict free.

The Gold is cast here is the US and this ensures the highest quality standards.  Finally the Stone setting and final polish and cleaning is done right here in our workshop by the Master jeweler himself.  He takes care that every diamond he sets is perfect.

Why are we doing this giveaway?  Our Master jeweler was so pleased with the response we received from our St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway he wanted to showcase his own designs.  He has been working hard to design and create beautiful rings using Heart Shaped Diamonds.  He has many stunning designs and thought this would be a great way to get people to see them.  To view all the options for his Heart Shaped Diamond Claddagh Rings please click here.

99% of our pieces are made in Ireland but these designs are made at our US workshop here in Colorado.  This ensures we have full control over the type of diamonds we set into the ring to ensure each customer gets a perfect ring.

So enter via facebook and get a chance to own something stunning and beautiful just for you!

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Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry has many different roles.  It serves to accent the brides beauty and dress.  It can be the family heirloom that is the something old worn on the bride.

But it can also serve as the gift the bride gives to her bridal party to say thank you for sharing in her day.  I worked with one bride whose future husband is Irish and in an effort to celebrate his heritage she bought each of her bridesmaids the Silver Claddagh Pendant SL-SP90-4

APRIL Birthstone Silver Claddagh Pendant

Sterling Silver with White CZ Pendant

We worked with several designs before we settled on this one.  It was important for her to stay in a budget and purchase something her bridesmaids could wear even after the wedding.

Another Bride I worked with loved the natural look of our amber pieces and the Celtic designs.  She purchased both pieces below for each woman in her bridal party.

Green Amber Silver Marquise Celtic Earrings

Green Amber Silver Marquise Celtic Earrings

Green Amber Celtic Pendant with 18" Chain

Green Amber Celtic Pendant with 18" Chain

Bridal jewelery is that final personal touch the bride can bring to her wedding.  Whether she wants to celebrate her or her partner’s heritage, say thank you with a beautiful piece of jewelery, or just complete her whole look!

We are excited to introduce a new line the Celtic Brilliance collection!  It is high quality Silver  accented with Genuine Diamonds.

CELTIC Brilliance Trinity Earrings with Diamonds

CELTIC Brilliance Trinity Earrings with Diamonds SE1059

These are pieces that will last well past the wedding day!  They add sparkle and shine and movement.  These pieces embody the Brilliance of Diamonds set in Sterling Silver.

For other bridal jewelery options please visit:

The options are limitless! The important aspect of this part of Bridal planning is make it personal!  Those personal touches to your wedding are what make it the day you will never forget!

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